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Merger and Acquisition

  • Consolidation and Split-off of Company
  • Asset Acquisition of Company
  • Equity Acquisition of Company
  • Asset Restructuring of Company
  • Business Restructuring of Company
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Real Estate and Construction Project

  • Assignment, Transfer and Leasing of Land Use Right
  • Contracting and Subcontracting and Construction of Construction Project
  • Development and Transfer of Real Estate
  • Pre-leasing and Leasing of Real Estate
  • Pre-sale and Sale of Real Estate
  • Property Mortgage
  • Financing of Infrastructure and Real Estate Development
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Banking and Financing

  • Syndicated Loan
  • Loan and Sub-loan of Government and International Financial Institution
  • Project Finance
  • General Loan Business
  • Finance, Packaging Loan and Other Trade Finance
  • Guarantee
  • Debt Restructuring and Liquidation
  • Financial Leasing
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  • Investment Structure Design and Due Diligence Investigation
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Private Placement and Equity Investment
  • Venture Capital
  • Overseas Investment
  • Registration of Offshore Company and Continuous Legal Services
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Capital Market

  • Establishment of Domestic Shareholding Company
  • Establishment of Foreign-invested Shareholding Company
  • IPO and Listing of Stocks
  • Issuance of Overseas Listed Foreign Shares by Shareholding Company Established within Territory of P.R. China
  • Listing of Enterprise in Overseas Stock Exchange by Red-chip Listing
  • Directional Stock Issuance of Listed Company
  • Material Asset Restructuring of Listed Company
  • Acquisition of Listed Company
  • Consolidation, Split-off and Stock Repurchase of Listed Company
  • Issuance of Enterprise Short-term Financing Bond
  • Issuance and Listing of Corporate Bond (Including Convertible Bond, Equity Warrant Bonds and Financial Bond)
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  • Centralized Declaration of Operators
  • Price Monopoly
  • Market Monopoly
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Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology

  • Literature Retrieval and Investigation of Patent and Trade Mark
  • Application and Examination of Patent and Trade Mark
  • Administrative Litigation and Infringement Litigation of Related Patent and Trade Mark, Litigation of Copyright
  • Maintenance, License and Transfer of Patent Right and Extension, Change, License and Transfer of Registered Trade Mark
  • Registration of Computer Software
  • Legal Advisory of Domain Name and Registration of Domain Name
  • E-Commerce
  • Handling of Affairs Related to Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Design of Protection Mechanism for Intellectual Property Rights of Enterprise
  • Information Technology
  • Technology License
  • IT Outsourcing Service
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Litigation and Arbitration

  • Agent for Civil and Commercial Litigation Cases
  • Agent for Administrative Reconsideration and Litigation Cases
  • Agent for Arbitration Cases
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General Company Law Business

  • Establishment and Restructuring of Company
  • Bankruptcy and Liquidation of Company
  • Daily Operation of Company
  • Secretary of Company
  • Financing of Company