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Jin Mao Partners Attended in the International Bar Association (IBA) 2019 Annual Meeting and Conference in Seoul.

       It is sunny and clear after the quick typhoon passed over the Seoul city, the capital of Republic of Korea,in late September 2019. The International Bar Association (IBA) 2019 annual meeting and conference is held from September 22nd to 27th in this famous city of Asia's four little dragons. Nearly 6,000 international business lawyers from more than 130 countries and regions come to celebrate this lawyers’festival.

Moon Jae-in, President of the Republic of Korea and Ban Ki-moon, President of the Boao Forum for Asia and former UN Secretary-General, gave video speeches respectively. The drums and martial arts, Korean traditional performances, applauded by the guests all over the world. Korean lawyers have made a national effort to organize this annual meeting. The shuttle bus service, the friendly volunteers, the Korean traditional culture performance show and the five-color cuisine are all memorable.


International Influencers are confident and optimistic about Shanghai and Expect the IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference 2020  

On the afternoon of September 23, the IBA held a bilateral meeting with the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA). Senior officials such as President Horacio Nernardes Neto and Perry Pe, immediately past President of IPBA, and Jack Li (Li Zhiqiang), President-elect of IPBA, reached a consensus about cooperation and exchange of major lawyers in a very friendly and warm atmosphere. The President of IBA confirmed that he would participate in the 30th IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference in Shanghai in April 2020, and invited members of the IBA to attend the Shanghai meeting. Richard Atkins (QC),President of the U.K. Bar Council proposed, in the following bilateral meeting with IPBA, that 2020 is the 30th anniversary year of the Sino-British Youth Lawyer Training Program. It is recommended to hold a special forum at the IPBA Annual Meeting in Shanghai to discuss about Sino-British legal cooperation. At the cocktail party held by Singapore, Republic of Korea, Japan and other bar associations, the IPBA Shanghai Annual Meeting and Conference has become a topic for many people to talk about.Many lawyers who have served as council members of the International Bar Association appreciate the Shanghai Annual Meeting and Conference poster and said to look forward to meeting again in Shanghai.


The Promotion of IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference 2020 Held in the Landmark Building in Great Success

IPBA held Networking Eventat 5 pm on September 25th at ASEM, one of landmark buildings in Seoul, attracting more than 150 lawyers from various countries.

Zhang Xuebing, the vice president of the All China Lawyers Association, gave his speech in the meeting.He said that 12 years ago, IPBA first came to China and successfully held the 17th Annual Meeting & Conference in Beijing, China. After 13 years, IPBA will once again come to China to hold the 30th Annual Meeting & Conference in Shanghai, the largest city in China and the birthplace of the lawyer industry in 2020. It is of great significance to strengthen the cooperation between Chinese and foreign lawyers. He welcomes the guests to meet again in Shanghai next year, to enjoy the beauty of Huangpu River, taste Shanghai cuisine, drink Chinese wine, and build friendship and commonality.

Deputy Secretary-General of the IPBA, Yong-Jae Chang, IPBA JCM for Korean Jinwoo Lee, and the managing partner of the YOON & YONG Law firm, Vice President of the Shanghai Bar Association Zhu Linhai, and Director of its Foreign Affairs Committee Huang Ningning,delivered speeches in the meeting respectively in great applauses and warm atmosphere.

In the expectation of everyone, Jack Li came to the scene. He happily recalled that he first came abroad to the capital of Republic of Korea 26 years ago. In February 1993, he was appointed as the Shanghai Bar delegation and translator led by the president Wang Wenzheng to the Hansong (now known as Seoul) and Busan. The Shanghai Bar Association and the Busan Bar Association also signed a memorandum of cooperation, which means the door to local legal exchanges between China and Republic of Korea was opened.


Busan, the Wonderful Sister City of Shanghai Expects Further Cooperation

On September 26, 3 delegates from Jin Mao Partners took the Korea Train Express to Busan, a sister city of Shanghai. The enthusiastic Busan lawyer accompanied Shanghai guests to explore the city. Great Changes have taken place since 1993 in Busan, and there was a wonderful panorama of weather.

At the Busan Bar Association, Busan lawyers chaired by its vice president proposed to hold the Shanghai Friendship City Law Forum at the IPBA Shanghai Annual Meeting and Conference to strengthen the legal cooperation between the sister cities including Busan and jointly promote the development of the Belt and Road.

The Belt and Road Legal Research and Service Center Busan Station was also unveiled on the same day.The in-depth legal cooperation between Chinese and Korean lawyers is desirable.

The annual meeting of the week ended in a rhythmical and fruitful exchange of ideas.

IBA was established in 1947 and its headquarter is in London. In 1995, with the recommendation of the ACLA,Jack Li joined the IBA. At the annual meeting held in Auckland in 2004, Jack Li and the then president of ACLA, Mr.Gao Zongze, were elected as council members of IBA. After resigning from the council in 2017, Jack Li Lawyer was elected as a JCM for China of IPBA. He was elected as the vice president in March 2018 and was elected as the president-elect in April 2019. He actively promoted Chinese law and the rule of law practice in a number of international lawyer organizations,made friends all over the world, and contributed to Chinese wisdom.