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Chinese Lawyer Jack Li Elected President of IPBA

On June 7, 2020, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, the first internationally renowned bar organization born in Asia, held its Annual General Meeting 2020. Affected by the COVID-19, the meeting was held online for the first time.


The attending officers, councilors and members carefully reviewed the agenda of the meeting and unanimously elected Chinese lawyer Jack Li (Li Zhiqiang) as the 30th President of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association. Jack Li became the first local lawyer in Shanghai to serve as the President of the International Lawyers Organization since 1843 when Shanghai opened up.


Profile of Jack Li


Jack Li, male, was born in Shanghai, China in November 1967. He graduated from  International Law School of East China University of Political Science and Law and the School of Law from Fudan University with the degree of bachelor and master respectively. He was one of the first securities lawyers in China. He is the founding partner of Jin Mao Partners, arbitrator and the first grade lawyer. Jack Li started his practice since 1990 and is the first excellent university graduate in Shanghai to practice in a private law firm. In 2001, he was honored as the eighth Top Ten Outstanding Youth in Shanghai and became the first full-time lawyer in Shanghai for this award.


Jack Li was the former councilor of the International Bar Association, China Jurisdiction Councilor, Vice President and President-Elect of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, member of the 10th All-China Youth Federation, member of the 5th Council of the All China Lawyers Association, members of the sixth, seventh and ninth Council of the Shanghai Bar Association. He was honored the individual second-class merit and third-class merit one time separately by the judicial administration system. Jack Li had 4 monographs like Legal Practice of Multinational Merger & Acquisition and severed as the editor-in-chief of more than 30 books like Legal Research on Investment and Financing of Chinese Enterprises in Overseas Countries and published more than 200 Articles in domestic and foreign newspapers and periodicals such as Justice of China, China Law, Financial Market Research, Liberation Daily and Debt Capital Market.


Jack Li is an expert in financial and capital market, international investment, merger and acquisition, and dispute resolution. He is also a member of the Legal Experts Group on Foreign Cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, member of the Administrative Reconsideration Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Huangpu District, and the chief supervisor of the Shanghai Jue Qun Cultural and Educational Foundation.