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Three Visits to Busan – a Shanghai Sister City

There are many sister cities of Shanghai. On August 24, 1993, Busan, a famous port city and economic center in South Korea, and Shanghai formed sister cities. Shanghai Street, is located opposite the transportation hub Busan Station and eye-catching, is Built to commemorate the exchange between the sister cities of Busan and Shanghai, China. The version of "Starting a Busan Journey by Urban Railway (Chinese)" released by the Busan Tourism Bureau in May 2021 reads: The red Shanghai store at the entrance is made in China. There are Chinese restaurants, traditional Chinese tea houses and other shops that reflect the strong Chinese culture to attract people's attention.


On September 27, 2022, I embarked on a trip to Busan for the third time.


Nurimaru APEC House reproduces APEC style


On November 19, 2005, leaders of 21 countries and regions in Asia and the Pacific held a leaders summit in the Nurimaru APEC House with a strong Korean style. The Nurimaru APEC House presents the style of the traditional Korean "pavilion" in a modern way. The roof line imitates the outline of Category Park, which makes the whole building blend in naturally with the surrounding environment. The 12 external pillars symbolize the image of Busan, and the interior decoration It makes the profound image of Korean traditional culture stand out.


biding to host the World Expo 2030 has a promising future


Busan is applying to host the World Expo 2030 with the theme "Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future", which reminds people of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo "Better City, Better Life", which seems to have the same effect, showing the beautiful vision and expectation of human beings for life.


Same conference hall Permanent friendship


In February 1993, in the cold season of spring, I accompanied Mr. Wang Wenzheng, the former Deputy Director of the Shanghai Bureau of Justice, the then President of the Shanghai Bar Association, the then Vice President of the Shanghai Bar Association Kui Yanqing, and the then Lawyer Administration Office of the Shanghai Bureau of Justice, the Director and Executive Director of the Shanghai Bar Association Jiang Xianfa, visited South Korea, communicated with the Busan Local Bar Association, and discussed the friendly cooperation between Shanghai and Busan Bar Association.


In September 2019, after a lapse of 26 years, I stepped into the building of the Busan Bar Association again, and saw the results of my visit to South Korea in 1993 from the hands of my Korean counterparts - the memorandum of cooperation signed by the Shanghai and Busan Bar Association, which is well preserved. The visit of the last century is vivid in my memory and unforgettable.


On September 28, 2022, when I walked into the same building and the same conference hall for the third time, time seemed to freeze in an instant. Although the COVID-19 has swept the world for more than two years, the true feelings of friends have not changed. In the gift exhibition hall, on August 4, 1993, the exquisite porcelain with traditional Chinese charm accepted by the guests during their return visit to the Shanghai Bar Association was displayed in a prominent position.


When I stood on the podium and shared with my friends in Busan the unforgettable experience of the three trips to Busan and topics such as Chinese environment, society and corporate governance, the former President, now the Chair of the International Committee of the Busan Bar Association, LEE YOUNG GAB, the Vice Chair of the International Committee, LEE DUK WOOK, and the standing member of the International Committee. Director CHOI JAE WON, Director of the International Committee LEE YONG MIN, International Committee Member PAHK MUN HAK, International Committee Member PARK JIN SUN, and International Committee Member AHN HONG IK interacted from time to time. While praising Chinese legislative and judicial achievements, we shared South Korea's legal wisdom and lawyers' practice insights.


Attorney PAHK MUN HAK is the only speaker from the sister city of Busan at the 30th IPBA Shanghai Annual Meeting and Conference. When I expressed my gratitude to him as a Shanghai lawyer, he kept saying that the Shanghai Annual Meeting was such a successful event under the circumstances that it was a privilege to be able to participate in it for three lifetimes.


The enthusiasm of my friends in Busan is touching. The President of the Busan Bar Association, the then Vice President of the September 2019 visit, 황주환, and the current Vice President took a day out of the busy schedule to accompany me. My itinerary was well thought out, and he even accompanied me to complete the nucleic acid test twice. When we walked to the seaside and overlooked the Japanese island, due to the rugged nature, lawyers from China and South Korea and lawyers from sister cities moved forward hand in hand. This scene made me unable to help. Sing the first branch anthem of the Pacific Bar Association - We Are Together!


We are the spirit, IPBA

We are the family, IPBA

We are forever, IPBA

We are together, IPBA


Life is short, friendship is permanent.


The world is so big, it is not easy for you and me to know each other.


May the fate of thousands of miles often meet, and it will be a pleasure to have friends from afar!