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Lawyers of Jin Mao Partners Appeared at 31st Dubai Annual Conference of IPBA

From March 7 to March 10, 2023, the 31st Annual Meeting & Conference of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association was held in Dubai, a famous city in the United Arab Emirates. This is the world's first annual event held by major international lawyers' organizations after the COVID-19 pandemic has basically ended. The grand occasion is unprecedented.

We Are Together, the song of IPBA, resounded in the opening ceremony

As a representative of professional lawyer institutions in China, Jin Mao Partners supported and participated in the whole process of this annual conference. A group of young and middle-aged lawyers give full play to their professional advantages and professional influences, convey enthusiasm and confidence to Chinese and foreign guests, share their experiences and insights, and discuss ways of win-win cooperation.

At the opening ceremony of the annual conference held on the morning of March 8, Jack Li, the 30th President of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association and founding partner of Jin Mao Partners, delivered a speech.

Prior to the grand opening ceremony, H.E. ABDULLAH BIN SULTAN AWAD ALNUAIMI, Minister of Justice of the United Arab Emirates, met with Jack Li, the 30th President of the IPBA, to express his appreciation to Jack Li for the great work has done to hold the first annual conference since the establishment of IPBA 32 years ago.

In his English speech, Jack Li expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Central Government of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Justice of China, the Shanghai Municipal Government, the Shanghai Bureau of Justice, the All-China Lawyers Association, the Shanghai Bar Association and the Belt and Road International Lawyers Alliance and other international organizations, supporting institutions and all brothers and sisters of the IPBA for their full support of the 30th Annual Conference of the IPBA held in Shanghai in 2021!

Jack mentioned with deep feeling that without everyone's support and participation, the world's first international lawyers' conference attended by more than 600 experts from more than 30 countries and regions under the COVID epidemic, and the first annual event organized by major international lawyers association in Shanghai's 178-year history, could not have been successfully held. As the world's first major international lawyer organization born in Asia, the IPBA is composed of business and commercial lawyers who have great interest in the Inter-Pacific region, and has been adhering to the Spirit of Katsuura of friendship, bonding, mutual trust and frank exchanges of opinions since its founding. As the first IPBA president who has served for nearly two years, it is an unforgettable memory of life to have the privilege of serving lawyers in the Inter-Pacific region.

“I love China, I love Shanghai, and I love IPBA.” At the end of his speech, Jack Li sang the first classical melody of the IPBA conference song We Are Together by the Chinese Musician to nearly 800 experts, lawyers and arbitrators from various countries and regions who attended the opening ceremony.

We are the spirit, IPBA  

We are the family, IPBA

We are forever, IPBA  

We are together, IPBA

At the opening ceremony, there was warm applause for a long time.

Lawyers set out again to start cooperation after the pandemic

At this annual conference, 66 practicing lawyers and legal experts from mainland China had extensive exchanges with commercial lawyers and arbitrators from various countries and regions. Among the more than 300 speakers and hosts, nearly 40 were from mainland China.

This annual conference had special sessions such as is China still an important destination for global investment and China is a new destination for international commercial arbitration. Secretary General Kang Yu from the Belt and Road International Lawyers Alliance, and foreign-related lawyers and arbitrators from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Jiangxi and Liaoning share the wisdom of the rule of law in China and pass on Chinese rule of law program. The China sessions are full of great talents with hot exchanges of ideas.

Jiang Junlu, China Jurisdictional Council Member, Shi Xinyue, China At-Large Council Member, Wang Zhengzhi, Chair of APEC Committee, Pan Lidong, Chair of Intellectual Property Committee, Wang Jihong, Chairman of Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Fei Ning, Vice-Chairman of Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Committee, Zhang Yunyan, Vice-Chair of Women Business Lawyers Committee, and Ou Long, Vice-Chair of Legal Development and Training Committee. Li Jian, Vice Chair of the Environmental Law Committee, Yuan Weiming, Vice Chair of the ESG Committee, attended the conference and delivered speeches, moderated or organized relevant sessions.

Wang Xiaoqing, Vice-President of Jiangsu Lawyers Association, Li Wen, Vice-President of Tianjin Lawyers Association, Xu Lixia, Vice-President of Chongqing Lawyers Association, Tu Chongyu, Vice-President of Fujian Lawyers Association, Wang Tianxi, Vice-Chairman of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, Chen Jianbin, Vice-President of Guangzhou Lawyers Association, Chen Yiping, Vice-President of Wuxi Lawyers Association, , Lin Jie, Executive Vice-President of Zhenjiang Lawyers Association, Wang Yong, Secretary-General of Zhenjiang Lawyers Association and other famous experts, lawyers, and partners of famous lawyers such as KWM, Zhonglun, Fangda, Junhe, Allbright, Dentons, Grandall, De Heng, Jingtian & Gongcheng, Zhonglun W&D and ZHH Law Firm delivered brilliant speeches or shared great achievements in the construction of the rule of law in China among 56 sessions of the Dubai Annual Conference.

Jack Li, Li Jian and Oulong participated in the organization of related sessions and were well received as speakers and moderators in forums such as the new trend of environmental rule of law, the promotion of the sustainability of circular economy regulation and China as a new destination for international commercial arbitration.

During the conference, senior experts from the Ministry of Justice of the UAE met with Chinese legal experts to take ideas and suggestions on the opening up of the legal service industry in UAE.

The term of conference is short and the span of life is limited.

The road of win-win cooperation and mutually beneficial development of lawyers in the Inter-Pacific is bright and broad, lasting from generation to generation.

The long river of exchanges and mutual learning among human being rule of law and civilization is endless and has